Constitution and Bylaws

Adopted Oct 11, 2008 ABARC General Meeting

Article 1 Organization Name

The name of this Organization shall be the Anchor Bay Amateur Radio Club.

Article 2 Mission

The Mission of the Anchor Bay Amateur Radio Club (ABARC) is to recruit, train and help committed Ham Radio operators carry on the tradition of amateur radio by using our network of tchnical resources and expertise to provide equipment, skilled operators and emergency services when called upon by local authorities in time of need to assist and protect the citizens in the communities in which we live and serve. ABARC is dedicated to community service and providing education to the general public about the history, operation, functions and benefits of the Amateur Radio Service. ABARC members adhere to the Amateur Radio creed and are considerate, loyal, progressive, friendly, balanced and patriotic.

Article 3 Purpose

It shall be our purpose to further the exchange of information and cooperation between members, to promote radio knowledge, fraternalism and individual operation efficiency, and to so conduct club programs and activities as to advance the general interest and welfare of amateur radio in the community. Adopted at Oct 11, 2008, ABARC General Meeting.

Article 4. Membership

1. All persons interested in amateur radio communication and activities are eligible to become a member. It is not required to be a licensed amateur radio operator to be a club member.

2. Only members in good standing who are licensed amateur radio operators and have paid dues for the current calendar year may vote or hold office.

Article 5. Meetings

1. Regular meetings shall be held at least quarterly at such place and time as the president shall order.

2. The secretary shall send out the meeting agenda via email to all members at least 10 days in advance of the meeting date.

3. The president may cancel or change a regular meeting for good cause. Members shall be notified using the club repeater(s), email or telephone at least 48 hours in advance about any changes in date, time or place of a regular meeting.

4. Emergency meetings may be called by any club officer at any time without notice during declared emergencies.

Article 6. Quorum
A quorum required to conduct all business at any regular meeting shall consist of 20% or more of the current club members in good standing. In the event that a quorum is not present at a regular meeting, items on the agenda posted 10 days in advance of the meeting may be acted upon. Items not on the agenda 10 days in advance may be discussed but not be acted on in the absence of a quorum.

Article 7. Officers

1. The officers of this club shall be: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Activities Manager. All officers must be a licensed amateur radio operator.

2. The officers of this club shall be elected for a term of one year at the first regular meeting in the calendar year where a quorum is present. Officers shall assume their duties immediately upon election.

3. Vacancies occurring between elections must be filled at the first regular meeting following the resignation of an officer.

4. Officers may be removed by majority vote at a regular meeting when notice of intent to remove said officer has been sent via email and announced on the club repeater to the total membership at least two weeks in advance. Adopted at Oct 11, 2008, ABARC General Meeting

Article 8. Duties of Officers

1. The President shall preside at all meetings of this club, and conduct the meetings in accordance with Robert’s Rules of Order. The President shall decide all questions of order, sign all documents that are adopted by the club, make necessary appointments and perform all customary duties pertaining to the office of President.

2. The Vice President shall assume all the duties of the President whenever the President is absent and shall assist the president with organizing club activities and other duties as the president may request.

3. The Secretary shall keep a record of the proceedings of all meetings; keep a roll of club members; maintain the club Constitution and Bylaws; carry on correspondence and assist in communicating club business.

4. The Treasurer shall receive and record all monies paid to the club. (S)he shall keep an accurate written account of all monies received and expended. The Treasurer shall provide a financial report of the club account to the membership at each regular meeting.

5. The Activities Manager, shall organize club member activities and advance club interest directly and through subcommittees as approved by the club.

6. All officers collectively shall be responsible for ensuring that various club members are assigned to be Net Control for the weekly Emergency Net held on our club repeater through appointment of a Net Coordinator who shall develop and publish a Net Control schedule.

Article 9. Dues

1. Annual dues shall be $20.00 for regular club membership and $25 for a family membership. Dues will be collected beginning January 1st for the current calendar year and will not be prorated for persons joining throughout the year.

2. The club may change the amount of dues by a majority vote at any regular meeting when 10 day advance written notice through email has been given to members that such action may take place at the meeting.

Article 10. Amendments

The Constitution and By-laws may be amended by a majority vote at any regular meeting provided the proposals for amendments have been submitted in advance via mail or email to the entire membership not later than the previous regular meeting. The entire membership shall also be notified that the amendments will be voted on at the next regular meeting.

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