Net control signups

To sign up for the emergency net control for any of the available dates below, email Richard Mogford, AE6XO, at

Serving as net control increases an amateur’s operating confidence and is great practice for the “real thing.” Be sure to use the updated Emergency Net Control Script.

2023 signup sheet

You can view and download the signup sheet here. If you need to edit the sheet, see the edit signup sheet section.

Edit signup sheet

To edit the signup sheet:

  1. Type the password in the password window.
  2. Click on a cell that you want to edit.
  3. Edit the cell, then hit Enter on your keyboard or click any other cell.
  4. You’ll see a quick message confirming the change and that’s it.
  5. To see the change in the view-only table above, you’ll need to click the refresh button on the table or refresh this page.

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